Opening a Fresh Account and Playing with Mobile Strike

mobile strike tips

Mobile Strike Mobile game has captured the interests of the players. It is centralized on the military strategies and war. Another feature that has added to the charm of the game is the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger into its commercial. If you are a new player and would like to join the game, here are a few tips to open an account and to play it.

Opening an Account

With mobile strike mobile game, you can create a new account through the EW account. To open this account you have to tap on the button present at the right side of the screen at the lower end and select the EW account. You will have to give details such as password and e-mail id to create a new account. If you want to play through multiple devices you have to log on to it so that you can continue your game. If there is any necessity for you to change your name, you can go to the special category button at the bottom of the screen and give your new name under player rename item.

Playing through Alliance

Once you have started on the game, you can also play through alliance. When you tap on the alliance button present at the end of the screen you can join an alliance with any one whom you can ally with. You can join with an alliance without being invited and once you get to know the people you can move your alliance with the people you want. When you join an alliance, you can avoid being attacked early in the game, as non alliance players are prone to get attacked. You can also get alliance missions and you can build speedily as well as increase your research time. These help you to accumulate gold easily.

Raising Buildings

You can start the Mobile Strike Mobile game with building structures and upgrading them. You will have to build oil wells, farms, quarries, iron mines outside the base walls. There are buildings that will have to be built within the base walls. These are hospitals, training grounds and banks. As these are tough to build as you proceed with the game, a head start in these buildings will do you good. As you build these structures, keep a check to see that they are in line with the Headquarters. The HQ forms the base level and other structures are based on the HQ.  Buildings can be built one at a time and upgrading them can also be done one at a time. The Research Facility can be accessed for research activities for activities related to trap and troop. As research helps to provide boosts, this part of activity should be given importance. With the help of the construction skills and research given in, you can upgrade your Commander tree too. Getting resources is necessary which can be acquired through strategic planning and practicing good tactics. It can also be got for free and of unlimited amount through mobile strike guide.

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